Our Mission

About Us

Liberty Living is an Innovations Waiver Service Provider agency that has achieved a four-year National Accreditation through The Council on Quality Leadership (CQL).

We opened our doors in March 2007. We are currently serving participants in Partners Behavior Health Management, MeckLink Behavior Healthcare, Alliance Behavior Healthcare, and Smoky Mountain Center catchment areas.

Our original name was Person Centered Planning Supports & Advocacy, L.L.C. Although we loved the name and felt it was very appropriate for what we do, it didn’t take us long to find out it was very difficult for many to say not to mention that it didn’t fit on many forms. During our accreditation, we asked "What is it we want to do?" and "Where do we want to go?" With that in our mind, we decided to update our mission, vision, revisit our values and change our name. That is how Liberty Living was born.

Liberty Living is owned and operated by a parent of an adult and a teenager with disabilities. Charlotte Rash, President, is a Licensed Practical Nurse, Certified Standard First Aid, CPR & AED Instructor and has more than 20 years experience in advocating in the Intellectually Challenged/Developmental Disabilities field.

She has more than 10 years firsthand experience in Community Alternatives Programs for the Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled (CAP I/DD). The challenges that Charlotte has faced over the years with her own daughter has inspired her to open Liberty Living.

Her mission is to help educate our society that individuals challenged with disabilities are human; they can and do give back to their community. Liberty Living was created to help individuals with disabilities to achieve their full potential to live, work and play in the community of their choice.